You've Been Kissed By

You've Been Kissed By

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why don't I see an Email option on the share screen?
  • YBKB will use your existing email account to share your photo. If you don't see the Email icon in YBKB then you need to set up your email account on your device using the Email App.
  • How do I rotate the lips on the photo?
  • Rotate the screen at the same time you are placing a kiss.
  • Sometimes YBKB doesn't find the face when I double-tap. Why?
  • If there are shadows in the photo or not enough of the face is looking forward it can be difficult for YBKB to recognize the face. The solution is to resize and position the photo with your fingers until the face fills your screen.
  • My friend wants to use my iPhone to share a photo. How do I log out of Facebook and Twitter?
  • Simply go to the share screen, tap More... and then tap Clear Login Information. You will then be asked to enter your login info the next time you use Facebook or Twitter in YBKB.
  • How do I move, rotate or resize the photo?
  • To move, use the standard Panning (one finger touch, hold and move) to move your photo around. To rotate, use the standard Two Finger Rotate (two finger touch, hold and rotate) to turn your photo. To resize, use the standard two finger Pinch Zoom to increase or decrease the size of your photo.
  • What happens to photos I take with the camera in YBKB?
  • They are automatically saved in your Camera Roll.


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